MDB Cloud Connector

Leverage Existing Equipment With a Multi Drop Bus Module That Connects to VN Cloud

With our multi drop bus (MDB) connector for vending machines, you can expand the features of your current vending solution. Seamlessly tap into the advantages of our VN Cloud software without significant equipment upgrade expenses. The MDB connector allows you to process payments through compatible point of sales (POS) systems, such as K-12 cafeteria systems or fitness club management platforms. Industrial and EMS organizations can easily switch from other software to VN Cloud for inventory control without replacing equipment.

Advanced VN Cloud features empower you to implement cost accounting and enhance employee accountability, specifying who can dispense items. Improve your vending experience further with user identification peripherals such as barcode scanners, proximity card readers, biometrics, and more. Experience a seamless transition to VN Cloud and expand the functionality of your vending operations with this easy-to-install MDB module.

MDB Cloud Connector Features


MDB Compatible

Works with all MDB version 2 vending machines


VN Cloud Ready

Centralized control, data visibility, and alerts



ID via RFID badge, magnetic stripe, proximity card, barcode or PIN



Standard connection via Ethernet

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MDB Cloud Connector Product Specs

Dimensions: H 1.5” W 6”  D 3.5”

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Electrical Requirements: Standard MDB

MDB Support: MDB version 2 or later

Optional Add-Ons for MDB Cloud Connector

Upgrade your vending capabilities with optional add-ons to our multi drop bus connector

Access Peripherals

ID users with RFID badge, magnetic stripe, proximity card reader, barcode, PIN, and biometrics. Process debit, credit cards, or mobile payments with NFC.


Cellular Modem

Ensure your vending or dispensing system is connected for real-time updates and tracking with a wireless cellular modem.

Expand your vending operations with VendNovation's MDB Connector for vending machines.

Get an all-in-one solution that keeps your vending equipment connected.