Smart Vending Machines and Smart Locker Systems For Any Industry

Automated Vending and Dispensing Solutions

Our cloud-based vending management software enables organizations to have centralized control and real-time visibility into product dispensing from anywhere at any time. We support a wide range of devices, including smart vending machines, smart lockers, and kiosks.

Enable user authentication, credit card payments, transaction reporting, and inventory management with our solution. These features empower organizations to streamline operations, optimize inventory, and increase profitability.

Why VendNovation

As a pioneer of smart dispensing for over two decades, VendNovation’s experience is hard to match.

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Smart Vending Solutions

We seamlessly integrate industry-proven smart vending machines, lockers, and other devices with cloud-based vending software.

We maintain deep expertise in the industries we serve to develop custom vending solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

We offer hardware ranging from smart vending machines and locker systems to our portable storage safe, all designed to simplify dispensing.

With our vending management software, businesses can control access, accept payments, and manage inventory from anywhere.

Product Catalog

Learn about our industry-proven smart vending solutions: vending machines, lockers, accessories, and cloud-based software.

Our Top Industries Served

We offer a wide range of smart vending machines and dispensing solutions for many industries. Here are just a few to explore.

Take PPE (personal protective equipment) and MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) supply delivery to the next level.

Reduce the barriers to delivering harm reduction supplies to at-risk populations while controlling and tracking consumption levels.

Control access to narcotics and medical supplies while maintaining records and audit logs for total accountability.

Securely dispense tech supplies with minimum burden on IT staff. Employees can simply swipe their badge and retrieve items.

Customer Success


Chesapeake Fire Case Study

See how one fire department uses a VendNovation smart vending machine to control the delivery of EMS medical supplies.

Discover how our solutions, like smart vending machines or smart locker systems, can work for your unique business needs.