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Leading Dispensing Solutions Both Suppliers and End-Users Love

VendNovation technology can take MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) and PPE (personal protective equipment) delivery efficiency to the next level with industrial vending machines and smart lockers. Save significantly on supply costs by creating employee accountability with consumption limits and better inventory tracking.

In addition, to thrive in today’s industrial supply market, suppliers must provide customers with efficient product dispensing and advanced software to track usage. By offering your customers cutting-edge vending machines and lockers for industrial supplies, your business can benefit by expanding its reach and offering proven cost-saving solutions.

End-User Supply Consumption Reduced

Suppliers Site Development Growth
30% Per Year

Discover why suppliers and end-users choose our industrial vending machine and locker solutions.

Industrial Vending Machine and Locker Benefits

Here’s why operations love our industrial supply hardware and software solutions.

Cost Savings

Employees swipe a badge to access MRO and PPE items, and the solution tracks consumption. This leads to a 20-30% reduction in overall consumption through reduced shrinkage.
Inventory Reduction

Inventory Reduction

Items in industrial vending machines placed in industrial environments are on a consignment basis, so the end consumer doesn’t carry the inventory cost of unused items.

Cost Accounting

Companies have access to detailed transaction reporting, which allows them to assign usage to specific cost centers or projects.

Competitive Defense

Deploying industrial supply vending machine hardware and software reduces the risk of losing existing accounts to competitors offering similar solutions.

Account Growth

Account Growth

Win new accounts by offering proven cost savings. By saving on certain items, accounts have more budget to purchase additional products, expanding a supplier’s footprint.

Features of Vending Machines for Industrial Supplies

Industrial Supply Customers and Testimonials

Discover our top industrial supply deployments and what our customers are saying.​

“Vending has allowed us to win new business in our existing accounts.”

– Laura Williamson
Industrial Source

“We have used vending to win multiple new accounts.”

– Brandon Huber, Inside Sales
Black and Company

“Our customers love the automated transaction reports. They drive accountability and cost savings.”

– Marshall Campbell, Owner
Marshall E. Campbell Company

Industrial Supply Dispensing Hardware to Consider

Learn which industrial vending machines and smart lockers are best for your business.

Ready to learn why both suppliers and end-users love our industrial vending machines and lockers?