Automated Medication Dispensing System

Dispense Supplies With Ease Using EMS Vending Machines and Smart Lockers

Our automated medication dispensing system helps emergency medical service providers save over 40% in costs while maintaining compliance with DEA and FDA regulations. Businesses gain complete accountability for medical supplies and narcotics while reducing wasted goods and streamlining operations.

Using our VN Cloud software along with our hardware offerings, EMS providers of any size will benefit from improved access control, inventory management, and accountability throughout the medical supply lifecycle. Our EMS vending machines, smart lockers, and secure cabinets offer sophisticated inventory features such as lot number and expiration date tracking and easy reordering of medical supplies.

Savings Can Exceed

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Automated Medication Dispensing System Benefits

Here’s why EMS providers love our software and hardware solutions.



Secure medical supplies such as narcotics in locked, tamper-resistant EMS supply vending machines or smart lockers



Cloud-managed access control rules and real-time activity tracking mean only approved personnel obtain items in permitted quantities

Cost Reduction

Minimize overstocking, waste, and administrative overhead with sophisticated inventory control features like first-in, first-out distribution

Staff Efficiency

Position medical supplies where they are needed so personnel spend less time obtaining items and more time helping patients

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Admin Time Savings

Eliminate manual inventories and streamline reordering with automatic replenishment reports that even identify expiring items

Features of Vending Machines for EMS Vending Machines

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“This system…will allow us to use tax dollars more efficiently.”

– Capt. Greg Noel
Chesapeake Fire

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