Automated Harm Reduction Vending Machines

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Promote Health and Safety With Public Health and Narcan Dispensing Solutions

Public health organizations dispense various harm reduction products such as Narcan or COVID-19 antigen home test kits. Health officials can ensure secure and dependable delivery of health care supplies with harm reduction vending machines and dispensing solutions.

With over 20 years of experience across a half dozen industries, VendNovation was among the first to track and dispense healthcare products to at-risk populations. Our harm reduction vending machines are among the most mature and adaptable in the market. Health organizations can help prevent overdoses and reduce access barriers with self-service supplies and Narcan vending machines.

One Deployment

Discover how public health and Narcan vending machines can promote safety and health in your organization.

Harm Reduction Vending Machines Benefits

Here’s why organizations love our public health vending machine hardware and software solutions.


Increase Public Health

Better access to products with medical supply vending machines reduces overdoses and other adverse health outcomes

Reduce Access Barriers

Offer convenient access to harm reduction products at additional locations


Compliance Proof

Easily track data and generate reports to provide evidence of compliance with county, state, or federal regulations


Targeted Distribution

User identification allows for consumption regulation with the ability to establish timeframes for distribution

Features of Public Health Vending Machines

Harm Reduction Customers and Testimonial

Discover our top harm reduction deployments and what our customer says about us.

“The relationship with VendNovation is truly a two-way working street. Questions get answers, problems get solutions, and supplies arrive as promised. I have enjoyed working with the VendNovation staff and look forward to continuing that process over the coming years as public health vending takes hold throughout the country.”

Rickey R. Reich
Impact Exchange

Harm Reduction Hardware to Consider

Learn what harm reduction vending machines are best for your organization.

Ready to learn how public health and Narcan vending machines can prevent overdoses and reduce access barriers in your community?