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Increase Productivity and Cut Labor Costs With IT, Tech, and Office Vending Machine Solutions

In today’s digital age, enterprise employees need  tech products like laptops, chargers, and headsets to do their jobs. Many companies lock up tech products in supply rooms to control the consumption of these high-priced items, but this reduces productivity and wastes time.

VendNovation offers secure tech and IT vending machine systems to quickly access necessary items. Employees can swipe their badge and retrieve an item with 24/7 access. The process is automated, eliminating labor costs in IT helpdesks and supply rooms. In addition, vending machines and smart lockers can be configured to contain only items nearby workers use, including bulky items like laptops or new employee starter kits. All this convenience yields detailed reports and unparalleled access control unmatched by traditional distribution methods.

Reduce Help Desk Tickets

Frictionless IT Cost Savings

Discover how to simplify operations and inventory management with our IT equipment vending machine.

Tech Vending Machine Benefits

Here’s why office managers love our IT vending machine hardware and software solutions.

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Time Savings

IT staff can stock tech vending machines at fixed intervals, eliminating daily interruptions and allowing workers to focus on higher-value activities.

Lower Costs

Employees swipe a badge to access tech products and expensive supplies, so consumption is tracked to minimize shrinkage without needing supply room workers.

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Usage Limits

Set employee usage limits on each item, making meeting budget goals much more manageable. Or, offer the option to purchase items through payroll deduction.


Cost Accounting

Enterprises have access to detailed transaction reporting, which allows consumption to be assigned to specific cost centers or projects.

Features of IT Vending Machines

IT, Tech, and Office Customers

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Hardware to Consider for IT Product Dispensing

Learn what IT vending machines and additional hardware products are best for your business.

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