Versa LockBox: Portable, Mountable Safe

Secure Sensitive Items With Our Mobile Cabinet

Our Versa LockBox offers a mobile storage solution designed to protect sensitive items and meet the DEA regulations for storing narcotics. This mobile safe can be easily mounted in emergency vehicles to simplify tracking substances during transportation. The Versa LockBox can also be used as an office, hospital, or clinic storage solution, providing a secure location for important items. Also, it’s equipped with our VN Cloud software, allowing for streamlined management and reporting of the narcotic chain of custody through a single platform.

Versa LockBox Mobile Safe Features


VN Cloud Software Ready

Software capabilities to meet DEA standards



ID via RFID badge, magnetic stripe, proximity card, barcode, PIN, and biometrics

Controlled Access

Secure electronic lock with manual override


Mounting Options

Mount the unit on the side, top, or bottom


Standard connection via Ethernet

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Versa LockBox Product Specs

Structure: 14 ga Steel Construction

Dimensions: 13” W x 11.6” H x 11” D

Weight: 30 lbs

Electrical Requirements: 12V DC or 110V AC

Optional Add-ons for Versa LockBox

Enhance your business with our mobile storage and DEA approved narcotic safe. Select from a range of optional add-ons to make it the perfect fit.

Mobile Connection

Add a cellular modem to your narcotics safe for data connectivity on the go, enabling mobile approvals and real-time reporting.

WiFi Enabled

Equip your controlled substance safe and storage solutions with a WiFi bridge for vehicles with existing WiFi on board.

Access Peripherals

User ID with RFID badge, magnetic stripe, proximity card, barcode, personal PIN, and biometrics.

VendNovation makes monitoring narcotics or sensitive items simple with our all-in-one solution.

Streamline inventory control with our narcotic cabinet and storage solutions.